Thursday, September 15, 2011

We went to my mom's house for dinner with friends and to ride horses. It was the best. Alyssa is my minnie me (including attitude) but she is so cute spaghetti face and all.

 Andrew had just bent and pulled up Grandma's sprinkler for her garden. SHHHHH don't tell Grandpa. This face is also the one he usually makes when he's mad at his sister. He's so cute it's hard to get mad at him.
Abigail is so spunky. She loves saying cheese for the camera as long as she gets to view the pic right after.

 Kiara wanted to ride the horses, glad she got my dad to put the waders on and push the horses into the corral. She is such a sweetheart.
 Isaiah is so stinking cute. He wanted to ride again.
 My best friend Nicole. The other 3 kids are hers. She is the greatest. Andrew call her mom and I know she is like a second mom to my kids.
 Teagan and Kiara being silly waiting while grandpa got the horses ready.
Teagan is the same age as my girls. All my kids love this little boy

Andrew was scared of the horses, four wheelers, and lawn mower. He only wanted to mow the lawn with Grandpa or Grandma.

Nicole kissing the horses!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every month we get together with some of Nate's high school friends and their wives. We have all become great friends and Nate and I truly enjoy seeing everyone once a month. For those who are out of town we try and get together when they come into town. We have done/seen some crazy things over the last 10 years or so. During the summer we went golfing as a group of adults with no KIDS! Our friends found a baby sitter while we went out and golfed in Rigby/Ririe then we came back and had dinner. It was so much fun! It started raining/snowing on us towards the end. Thanks Adam & Heather for the pointers and the great experience.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Lutz Family Reunion 2010

This was our first camping trip without my Grandpa. We always celebrated his birthday and his twin sister's birthday. Although things were a little different we still had fun. My cousin brought a very nice boat and we brought up 6 four wheelers. We went up on a Wednesday and came home Saturday. We played in the sun and since this is the only time of year I am outside in a swim suit I didn't put sunscreen on so I could "tan". Yeah, I fried. It's been 1 week and I'm peeling and underneath is nothing but red. At least the itch is starting to go away. The girls had a blast especially with Grandma Lutz who was always willing to take them to the potty. They had a fun time with their second cousin Madison who they went on bike rides with, scenic rides in a bike trailer, and on the boat. I was extremely surprised at how well it all went especially potty training Abigail while camping. She had only decided about 10 days prior she wanted to wear big girl underwear and off we were. Alyssa has her moments and while she did great out camping, being home is not as easy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummy Recipes to Try

We have begun to get a bountiful basket each week and I am now excited about the unique/things I haven't eaten before. One week we got butternut squash and I have never had this before. From what I read it is just like potatoes, but better for diabetics. Since Nate is diabetic I thought great I am craving funeral potatoes and we'll try it out. I went onto food network online to find a recipe. I found this one here and modified it. I used 2 butternut squashes and a head of cauliflower all diced up. I boiled the butternut squash first. I also used 16 oz of sour creme and half an onion. I also added garlic. It turned out great. Nate even liked it, which is rare when I experiment.

Another week we got limes and mangos. So I found this recipe and tweeked it.   Here is the original I got again from the food network site. I used 2 fresh mangos, but instead of the yogurt I used mint chocolate chip ice-cream. It was wonderful. The girls didn't care for it, but Nate and I did.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aunt Kris let the girls help her catch a fish.

We went to our family reunion at the end of July to Island Park. No we don't stay in a cabin we camp 5 people in a tent was a little tight, but thank heavens my mom has a RV so we can at least stand up straight and store food. Kris (my sister) really wanted to go fishing and I really wanted to get away from camp and the girls just wanted to go and do anything so we put Andrew down for a nap with Grandma and we went fishing. Kris caught a fish and the girls got to help her reel it in.

We didn't take many toys up camping so the girls entertained themselves by finding big rocks and pretending they were their babies. We bathed, changed diapers, threw, and moved more times than a cat would her kittens.